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Haven Spas, The worlds best custom hot tubs and spas
Welcome. Haven Spas are All About:
Haven Spas Continues to
Beat Them all!
We have several new hot tub models that
beat all the competitors in value, energy
efficeincy, longevity and fantastic warm
water jet theapy that we are famous for.
Find our why we ship spas 
overseas and throughout the US
Now We Have Affordable
Solar Hot Tubs!
Imagine owning a hot tub that uses solar,
and the cost of ownership, is less than of
any other hot tub on earth. Our Solar
Hybrid technology destroys them all and
pays for itself, with affordable Solar
spas for under $11000 (USD)
Haven HQ NEWS!
Haven Spas announces the first practical and
extreme long lasting solar hot tub!

In this day and age, you cannot afford to waste electric
power.  Get a solar hybrid and pay about 80% less on
your electric bill.
Haven Spas are
now made in Holland! 
We now make our spas here
because we can find
more customers for our quality.
Haven Head Plays at Johnson's Landing in
Grand Lake.
Aug 1, 2009

We brought our instruments up to Grand Lake Co
and got invited to play. We were welcomed and
people loved our live performance. We got
envited back to do entire week end gigs.
The energy and cost savings of using solar is obvious. The problem is how to impliment
This technology in a rational and economic fashion.   Our design them is to find the most
obvious way to do something, because after we use our inginuity people say;  "That seems
obviously the best way to do this!" The probem is obvious is not obvious until it exists.

We found that the most important issues is heat loss and we are the experts at stopping wasted
heat from the spa water. We already have the most energy efficient spas in the world so naturally
our solars spas use less needed solar or stored energy to remain hot and filtered.

There are several enegineering concepts we use to get the most energy out of solar and they are all obvious.

1/ Indirect internal air/water heat.
2/ Sure Capture energy water heat exchange, where 99% of the heat exchanged is actually exchanged into the spa.
3/Solar Hybrid means 95% to 99% of the energy to run the spa is solar and 1% to 5%  is house electric.  Using a hybrid technology means far more efficient use of Solar.

Please call and chat about the requirements of this system. 303-404-2224
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