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July 26 2009

I have a Haven Spa for 12 years now and still going
strong. It is so nice to know that Jim is still here to
give his support to even the little questions I have
had over all these years. I remember that Jim and
Sandy delivered my spa (WASH. ST), I beleive I was
one of the first to have them deliver and set up a spa
out side of CO.

Gary M.

In 1998 my wife decided she wanted a spa for our West Virginia
home, and being the person she is researched everything available
locally and on the Internet. The spaspecialist.com site and your
analytical and practical approach to spa design impressed her and
when she shared the site with me I also was sold. A business trip
took me to Denver about that time, so I had a chance to stop by your
shop to look at the spa we were considering and meet you. We
purchased an 86 inch spa of your design in the summer of 1998 and
you, your wife and son delivered it to us in West Virginia. Ten years
later we continue to enjoy the spa, and it continues to work

Over the 10 years we have had our spa we have friends that have
had two or three spas come and go. They may have saved a few
bucks on the first one, but over the long term we have enjoyed both
savings and a superior product. With our spa from we really did get
what we paid for.

Thanks for the great product and the most useful web site
for those needing thoughtful information to aid them in the
purchase and operation of their home spa.

Steve Williams
Bridgeport, WV
May 30, 2009
Haven Spas is a brand owned by Havenmade.com and as a smaller company with a large
reach in the hot tub industry. We have the reputation of having the best hottubs for a lot
less. The owner is the international spa design engineer that has many people "shook up"
in the spa industry.  His details on spa engineering articles found on the net destroy any
old fashioned hot tubs to those with common sense.

We have achieved this by using the Internet for marketing. We eliminate all that is
unnecessary to building the product to highest standards. Our "food chain" is very small.
From our factory then to you. No regional sales manager, no advertising manager. We
just maintain our websites and educate our consumers. Our web sites are well known and
get many thousands of "hits" each day. This is because of the educational content and
extremely well researched articles on hot tubs and spas.

Our customer loyalty is just the best. You cannot do better than having loyal customers all
over the US, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, UK, Scotland and The Netherlands. We have fully
established our Haven Spas as the product which outperforms all the rest on reliability,
energy efficiency, longevity and in full hot water therapy. If you follow good engineering,
you get excellent results.

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