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How do you own a hot tub that you can afford and can
keep it running for a lot less. Our spas cost on
average $4000 less to own for the life of the spa. If
you have to spend $2000 per year on hot tub "stuff"
you are wasting a lot of money because of your own
ignorance about hot tubs and spas. Get a Haven and
stop wasting money and wasting your time getting it
I thought you Haven Owners out there might like to hear how
your spas might survive an extended power failure. I live in
New Hampshire and purchased my Haven Shorewood Silver
from The Spa Specialist 8 + years ago. On the night of
Decemaber 11th, we experienced one of the worst ice storms
in New England history. The limbs and trees that fell, knocked
out power to over a quarter million homes.

We were without power for 5 nights, and I did not own a
generator. So we had no heat, electricity, or running water
during that time. I became concerned about my spa, out on
the back deck, when after the second night, the house got cold
enough that we had to leave. I didn't want to unlatch and open
the cover to check on it, because I knew I'd lose some of the
precious heat. I was fortunate that I had some relatives that
generously allowed my wife, daughter and me to stay with
them. A friend of my wife's loaned us his their generator to
use after 4 days, so I stayed in the house the last night, and
kept feeding the small generator with gas, trying to get the
house warm enough so that the pipes wouldn't freeze. I had
shut off the Main Breaker.

Early the next morning I noticed that the downed wires in my
yard had been re-connected. Thinking the power may have
been restored, I disconnected the generator and threw the
breaker on. To my great relief, the power was finally back on.
After making sure all the interior house plumbing and
electricity was functioning, I went to check on the spa. It had
kicked on when I threw the main switch. The temperature was
at 64 degrees! I was amazed that it hadn't dropped to a much
lower temp. This a real tribute to the engineering and quality
that go into Haven Spas.

I was so thankful to be able to soak in my Haven that night,
after work, and feel the days of this stressful situation melt
away. So thanks again Jim, for making such a great product
that can survive the worst the mother nature can offer.
Mike C Pelham NH
We are the real Spa Specialists. We can do it all from the ground up. If you need anything
done relating to hot tubs, solar spas, out buildings, spas, commercial, wood tubs, or any
thing you can come up with, you need to call us. We can help you on any level, from just
phone consultations, design, and help fixing any hot tub. We offer free help to all
customers who purchase parts from us, and we have experience on all brands of hot tubs
for repairs.

If you have a water quality issue, why would you continue to listen to people who are ill
trained in water chemistry? Call us and you can send us water samples to test if you want.

We offer Solar Retrofit kits for any spa that is NOT full foam. If you want to have the most
energy efficient use of solar, you need to dig out all the wasted space used by foam and
install one of our retrofit solar kits, normally less than $6000 for the entire system and it
can be reinstalled in another spa, because it is designed to last for 25 years. It will insure
hot filtered water, with no electricity from the "grid".

We offer the "Silver Lining" hot tub upgrade and repair service on any brand of hot tub. We
upgrade all the equipment, insulation, and make them operate like a Haven Spa. The only
think we can't do is rebuild spas that have a weak foundation to begin with. Those are throw
away spas, made by large corporations with no conscience nor concern for humanity.
We highly recommend the booklet "How Spas Are Made" for anyone seeking information on
how to buy a spa or what to look for in any used spa. This is the number one book on hot
tub purchasing in the World.
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