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Haven Spas are all built on the same foundation of construction, so that they are all
designed to last, we do not take any shortcuts on this. We do have 6 Levels of models,
starting from the Provence spas, which are designed to compete directly with "normal"
high end hot tubs. In other words our lowest end products will out last and out perform
the, so called, "high end" from the major mass produced, cheaply made, "corporation" spas.
Click Here for an example Our Spas are designed to last at least 20 years, with normal care.

The next level is the Eclipse Models, This is where we "eclipse" any brand on quality and
features for the money. These are simply amazing products for the money. This is the point
where there is no competition and as we go up the Haven Spas "ladder" of Levels of the
Haven Products, we make those other spas seem like they should just quit. The only reason
they exist, is the fact that the consumers got lazy, did not research hot tubs on the
Internet, and went to a store, and made the incorrect decision to trust a sales person.
Many times when I get calls from people who bought other spas, they will say; "We didn't
know any better." Don't let that be you.

The Vista Spas are the next level with a hugh jump in features, and higher insulation using
the full DAIT Insulation system. Vista Spas have more larger jets, full air injection and
Turbo Air. Tjhis is a powered air pump system that injects by the smaller air jets and the air
controls are pressurized as well.

The SE Vista Spas, are based on the Super Custom Spas in the Paramount series, but with
some very slight concessions to keep the cost down. Our customer's favorite is the
Shorewood SE model. These have the full air, with normally 4 therapy pumps, DAIT and
Turbo Air

The Paramount Spas are fully loaded with 4 full size therapy pumps, "tons" of the huge
rotational pulsating jets in the backs of the seats. All of the Vista SE features but without
limitations on the large jets in the backs of the seats. We completely wipe the competition
of the map with these spas. They can't put the features in that we do for this money.

The Super Custom Magnum Spas. If you are the type of person who likes Mercedes, Rolls
Royce, Bently, live in a custom home with all high end appliances, like Viking Stoves and
commercial refrigeration, then the Super Custom Magnum Spa is for you. These are hand
finished with the finest parts you can get for any hot tub. The control box is "commercial
grade", The pumps are commercial grade motors, the plumbing is so clear of any turns that
the jets just "rip" as we say. These spas require 80 amp service to run and take many
months to build. We wanted to make a statement that we are the only company capable of
this level of construction, and we have proven that. Many of the design concepts from the
Super Custom Magnums is "toned down" and used in all of our spas. These SCM's as we call
them make it so we can say without any doubts that we have the best hot tubs in the world.

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