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Haven Spas, Havenmade Inc are located in beautiful Colorado. The testing ground for hot
tubs. With some extreme weather changes and cold winter, we have the perfect
environment for testing and for enjoying hot tubs. We welcome any and all inquiries and
even help other spa owners with their issues.

In the past, people were "afraid" of internet hot tub companies, and mostly because of the
"vicious rumors" by competitors who are extremely fearful of losing business to a much
more efficient company. We realized pretty fast that hot tub companies cannot really
afford to have fancy stores, IF YOU WANT AN EXCELLENT PRODUCT. The cost to keep an
average store open per month is over $20,000. That means if you have that much
overhead, and you sell for under 10,000 each spa, you need to sell about 10 spas each
month just to pay for the store. This is why many hundreds of hot tub stores have failed.

Back in 2004 Consumers Reports did a survey of "brick and mortar" vs, "internet" stores
and the Internet stores won in customer care, and in price. Hot tub stores just cannot
compete with the low cost, low overhead, of a internet company.
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Copyright 2012Havenmade Inc
14971 Raritan St
Broomfield Co 80023
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